Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the voice

me: i just decided that i'm going to audition for the voice and then i can make us enough money to adopt two little girls.
bryan: ok, but you can't be on adam's team. i can't have you hanging out with a guy that looks as good as him all day.
me: yeah, ok. well, i guess i'll have to go with blake then. i don't really care to be on ceelo or christina's team.
bryan: i think i'll be on christina's because obviously we have very similar singing styles.
me: haha! yeah, you're pretty diva, but you can't be on the show too because then we'd have to compete against each other and i don't want to break your little heart when i beat you.
bryan: don't worry. me and christina will let you down easy when i win.
me: sheesh. if you're going to do it too then we have to do it as a duet.
bryan: baby, if we do it separately then we'll have double the chance!
me: no way. that's it! i'm going to be on team adam!
bryan: what?! ok let's compromise. we'll both be on...
me & bry at the same time: team ceelo!

i'm slightly addicted to the voice. it can't be that hard to out sing a bazillion way more awesome singers than me, right? watch out for team mcclelland on next season!

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