Monday, November 28, 2011


asher: where's daddy?
me: he's sleeping, bud.
asher: yeah, he's sweeping. he's gotta sweep and den go to work and den go to school and den go to sweep and den get rweady for work and den he can pway wif me a wittle bit.
me: well, today when he wakes up he isn't going to school so he can play with you as soon as he wakes up!
asher: yeah! daddy can pway wif me!

sometimes i think seminary families should get to raise support like missionaries. that would make it easier for our seminary daddy to play with his boys.


asher: mom, wook at my watch!
me: wow! that's cool. what time is it?
*looks down at his watch
asher: ummm, wook's wike it's about 20 seconds.
me: 20 seconds, huh? that seems like a pretty good time.
asher: yeah...i'm gonna go show daddy!
me: he's using the potty, bud. let's wait for him to come out here.
asher: ok...but i fink he'll be done in about...
*looks at his watch
asher: ...20 seconds.
me: he may be in there a little longer than 20 seconds...
asher: no! 20 seconds!
me: if you say so.

asher has a little hot wheels watch that he likes to wear. the battery is dead so it doesn't actually work, except to let the stinker know that it's 20 seconds. always, no matter what, 20 seconds.


me: husb, i think i need to go to the dentist.
bry: ok.
me: i'm just saying, i was brushing my teeth and i saw a tiny brown speck on two teeth. they don't hurt though, so maybe it's nothing.
bry: have you ever had a cavity before, wifey?
me: no, why?
bry: because cavities don't hurt.
me: WHAT?!?! i thought they were supposed to hurt! oh no, i'm so cavitied right now.
bry: you're not cavitied until a professional examines you and says you are.
me: ok, well, i think i need to go to the dentist. what if i have to get fillings?!
bry: i'm sure you're fine, but if you do, then you won't even notice them.
me: i will notice them! i've never had them!
bry: you'll be fine...
me: ugh. i'm cavitied.
bry: wifey...

i'm a little ridiculously obsessed with having healthy teeth. i think it's because i used to have a re-occuring nightmare in which my teeth would turn to mush as i was talking and then dissolve into nothing.

those two tiny specks are the beginning of my worst nightmare. next comes the toothy mush...sigh.


me: asher, look what daddy has!
asher: doughnuts!!!
*runs over the bryan
asher: daddy? can you pick me up and help me pick out the very best one?
bryan: of course i can, bud!
*bry picks up asher
asher: that one!
bryan: the sprinkle one?
asher: yes!
bryan: did you know that i remembered that the sprinkle ones are your favorite so i made sure to get some especially for you because i love you, asher john!

once or twice a month bryan brings home friday morning treats for us. it's a fun little family tradition that we all enjoy.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


me: hey! what's going on?
bry: well, they're sending us over to the hospital to have it x-rayed.
me: oh, boy. so the doctor thought it was broken?
bry: she said she didn't think it was a sprain because there was a very specific spot that was hurting him and that was a red flag. she's sending us to make sure there's no fracture or anything.
me: shewf. ok, call me when you find out anything.
bry: will do.

asher fell while we were walking around target yesterday. when he tried to stand up he couldn't put pressure on his right foot. i carried him through the check out and to the car. he's been limping and/or being carried ever since. when he woke up this morning still complaining, we decided to take him to the doctor. i'm still waiting to hear the results of the x-ray.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


me: husb, i'm feeling kind of homesick because my stinker isn't here and we're not traveling anywhere for Thanksgiving...
bry: ok, how about we push the furniture out of the way and make a blanket fort on the floor and eat treats while we watch NBC's thursday night line up?
me: really?!?
bry: yep. i'm on it.

my husb did indeed push furniture out of the way and use every blanket, comforter and sleeping bag we have in our house to build an awesomely comfortable blanket fort in the floor.
what a guy.