Wednesday, November 23, 2011


me: hey! what's going on?
bry: well, they're sending us over to the hospital to have it x-rayed.
me: oh, boy. so the doctor thought it was broken?
bry: she said she didn't think it was a sprain because there was a very specific spot that was hurting him and that was a red flag. she's sending us to make sure there's no fracture or anything.
me: shewf. ok, call me when you find out anything.
bry: will do.

asher fell while we were walking around target yesterday. when he tried to stand up he couldn't put pressure on his right foot. i carried him through the check out and to the car. he's been limping and/or being carried ever since. when he woke up this morning still complaining, we decided to take him to the doctor. i'm still waiting to hear the results of the x-ray.

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