Wednesday, September 19, 2012


bryan: asher? why are you out of your bed?
*asher slinks into our room, hanging his head
asher: well, um, because...what's daddy eating?
me: he's eating a little snack. is that why you're out of bed?
asher: no, but, um...what kind of snack?
bryan: it's popcorn, bud.
asher: oh, i haven't had popcorn in a whole year, ya know?
me: asher, you had popcorn for a snack this afternoon.
asher: yeah, but not from that bag.
me: maybe if you ask daddy politely, he could share a piece with you.
asher: daddy? can i have a piece of that popcorn, please?
bryan: you can have a piece, but then you have to go back to bed, bud.
asher: ok!
*bryan hands asher 3 pieces.
asher: wow! thank you!
me: maybe if you ask nicely he'll let you have a sip of his milk too, asher.
asher: daddy? can i?
bryan: yes, bud. finish chewing, get a sip, and go back to bed, ok?
asher: ok.
me: good night, bud. sleep good. love you so much!
bryan: love you, asher!
asher: love you!

we love these silly little moments with asher when he's supposed to be in bed, but he sneaks out for some ridiculous reason. once he told us his leg was really itchy so he had to come find us to scratch it. his new thing is that he hasn't done whatever he wants in a whole year. silly, sweet boy.

Friday, September 14, 2012


me: get down, nate.
nate: no, no, nooooo!
me: yes, sir. get down.
nate: no! no get down!
me: ok.
*i get up to go get him from where he is precariously dangling half way on top of the TV stand. he scrambles and falls on his stubborn baby booty.
nate: woah! phew! i ok!
me: don't do it again, tot.
nate: i ok.
me: that doesn't mean you can do it again.

i hope he grows out of his love for dangerous endeavors before he hits his teenage years.

tuck in

me: good night, bud.
asher: good night, mom.
me: i love you so!
asher: love you too, mom.
me: you are so very special.
asher: yeah. mom? you know why i'm special?
me: why?
asher: because i belong to you and daddy.
me: well, that's one of the reasons you're so special. we are so blessed to be your parents!

i am so thankful that he already has a sense of belonging within our family.

once upon a time

me: once upon a time there was a...
asher: family! me and you and daddy and nater!
me: oh, ok! and our family was...
asher: walking down the sidewalk by the ice cream shop across from the race cars.
me: ...and we were walking and talking. then, we looked both ways and very carefully crossed the street so that we could go ride the race cars.
asher: yes! and me and daddy got in a red one with orange flames. that's because flames means it's the fastest car!
me: ok, and me and nater got in a pink car!
asher: no, not nater. he's on the boy team so he got in the car with me and daddy. you're girl team so you have to ride by yourself.
me: ok, so we start racing and i almost beat team boy!
asher: yeah, almost, but you don't because our car has flames, remember? and flames means we're the fastest.
me: ok, the boy team wins!
asher: yeah, that was a good story, mom.

asher and i play once upon a time when we have time to pass, like when he's going potty or we're driving in the car. usually his stories and subsequent details are about mac trucks or bears or other things that might grab a little boys interests. i was touched that this time, he told a story about his family spending time together. although, i think we're eventually going to need to add a little girl to our crew so that i stand a chance against the boy team.


me: wow, asher! you beat papa in that race!
asher: yes, i sure did.
me: you're really fast.
asher: yes, i sure am. do you know why, mom?
me: why?
asher: because i have speed in my heart. when you have speed in your heart you can go very fast.
me: well, that explains it then.

his heart is also full of adorable expressions.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


bryan: c'mon, booger. let's go in the house.
asher: i'm not a booger! i'm a boy!
bryan: oh, yeah. you're right.
asher: dad? did you call me booger because i was eating my boogers on the way home?
bryan: no. were you eating your boogers on the way home?
asher: *giggling* yeaaaaah.
bryan: you will ruin your lunch doing that!

our son has a booger eating problem.