Thursday, February 28, 2013

early mornings

me: could you hear nate screeching when he woke up this morning?
bryan: no, i can't hear anything when i'm in the shower. was he crying?
me: no, he was screeching: nooooooo! i not wanna take a naaaaaaap!
bryan: like he was mad that he had fallen asleep last night?
me: yes! he was screeching over and a screech owl.
asher: mom? did you know that there is a type of owl called a screech owl?
me: yes, i did.
nate: yeah, i uh owl! hooooooo! hooooooo!
me: yes, you are an owl. a screech owl, to be exact.
nate: hoo! hoo!
asher: no, nate. that's just a regular owl. a screech owl says: screeeee! screeeee!
nate: yeah, asher. screeeee!
asher: mom? dad's phone is like a flashlight. why is he using it like a flashlight?
me: because it's so early and he doesn't want to cut on the big light because it would be way too bright.

this conversation took place at about 6:15 in the morning. as bry used the light from his cell phone to fumble around in the dark and get ready, the boys and i were snuggled down in the bed discussing the technicalities of owl calls. pretty typical morning.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


bryan: look at all those fish, nate!
nate: *slaps his hand against the glass causing the fish to scatter in terror
bryan: nate, you can look at the fish, but you can't hit the glass. you're scaring them.
nate: yeah! i scare dem! *hits the glass again and laughs maniacally
bryan: nate! you can't do that!
nate: heh heh heh. i scare dem, dad.
bryan: okay, nate. you are a little fish bully. c'mon, we're going to look at the cats.

since we often frequent target, and since petsmart is right beside target, we sometimes take the boys inside to have a look around. asher likes to ooo and ahh at all the animals. nate likes to terrorize them. typical.

i'm so very thankful for boys full of very different personalities.

Monday, February 4, 2013


me: o.m.gggggg. this metallica song is still on?!
bry: wifey, all of their songs are about 12 minutes long. get over it.
me: is that so you can get in extra head banging time?
bry: i like to think it's so you can have a little recovery time to prepare your brain for some more awesome head banging during the next song.
me: i wish i could have been a fly on the wall when you were in the 8th grade sitting with your buddies in a dark room playing video games and head banging to metallica. hehehe.
bry: it's probably a good thing you didn't, because you couldn't have handled all the awesome in that room.
me: let me clarify and say that if i could see that now, it would be hilarious and endearing. if i would've seen that as a snobby, pubescent girl, i would've steered so very,very far from that room of nerdiness.
bry: you know what you would've done if you saw me simultaneously head banging and killing it playing mah vidjuh games?
me: i would've said, "like, ewww, gah-ross!"
bry: nooo, baby! you would've thrown your panties at me.
me: hahaha! you crazy, boo.