Monday, February 4, 2013


me: o.m.gggggg. this metallica song is still on?!
bry: wifey, all of their songs are about 12 minutes long. get over it.
me: is that so you can get in extra head banging time?
bry: i like to think it's so you can have a little recovery time to prepare your brain for some more awesome head banging during the next song.
me: i wish i could have been a fly on the wall when you were in the 8th grade sitting with your buddies in a dark room playing video games and head banging to metallica. hehehe.
bry: it's probably a good thing you didn't, because you couldn't have handled all the awesome in that room.
me: let me clarify and say that if i could see that now, it would be hilarious and endearing. if i would've seen that as a snobby, pubescent girl, i would've steered so very,very far from that room of nerdiness.
bry: you know what you would've done if you saw me simultaneously head banging and killing it playing mah vidjuh games?
me: i would've said, "like, ewww, gah-ross!"
bry: nooo, baby! you would've thrown your panties at me.
me: hahaha! you crazy, boo.

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