Thursday, February 28, 2013

early mornings

me: could you hear nate screeching when he woke up this morning?
bryan: no, i can't hear anything when i'm in the shower. was he crying?
me: no, he was screeching: nooooooo! i not wanna take a naaaaaaap!
bryan: like he was mad that he had fallen asleep last night?
me: yes! he was screeching over and a screech owl.
asher: mom? did you know that there is a type of owl called a screech owl?
me: yes, i did.
nate: yeah, i uh owl! hooooooo! hooooooo!
me: yes, you are an owl. a screech owl, to be exact.
nate: hoo! hoo!
asher: no, nate. that's just a regular owl. a screech owl says: screeeee! screeeee!
nate: yeah, asher. screeeee!
asher: mom? dad's phone is like a flashlight. why is he using it like a flashlight?
me: because it's so early and he doesn't want to cut on the big light because it would be way too bright.

this conversation took place at about 6:15 in the morning. as bry used the light from his cell phone to fumble around in the dark and get ready, the boys and i were snuggled down in the bed discussing the technicalities of owl calls. pretty typical morning.

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