Saturday, January 28, 2012


me: asher john, are you ready to eat lunch?
asher: wunch? yeah, my bewwy is fweezing.
me: um, ok. well, are you hungry?
asher: my bewwy is jus weally fweezing today.
me: ok. so, does that mean you are hungry?
asher: uh, mom? i fought i already told you dat my bewwy was fweezing.
me: well, excuse me, sir. i wasn't sure if a freezing belly meant a hungry belly.
asher: but i told you it was weally fweezing.

kids these days and their new hipster lingo expressions.

baby belly

asher: mama, dat guy was jus taking his twash too.
me: yep, he sure was. lots of people have to use this dump to take their trash.
asher: he was a big ol' guy.
me: yes, he was a little bigger, bud.
asher: yeah, he had a baby in his bewwy.
me: oh! oh, no. bud, only girls can have babies in their bellies. and we only talk about that if they've told us that they actually have a baby in their belly. sometimes people just have bigger bellies.
asher: yeah, but do you have a baby in your bewwy cause you're a girwl?
me: nope, i definitely do not.
asher: yeah, but when your bewwy gets bigger there will be a baby in there.

we have 3 friends who have babies in their bellies right now. asher thinks it's really cool. he also thinks big bellies mean babies, regardless of gender or age. i'm trying really hard to teach him the difference before he asks some random man at the store about the child he thinks is growing in his big ol' belly.

Monday, January 23, 2012


bry: hurry, tot! take cover from the germans!
*he picks nate up and puts him in between us.
me: yeah! get in your foxhole, sir!
bry: you can be like lieutenant speirs and jump through a mortar round and then race through enemy gunfire so that you can jump a wall to meet up with the other company only to run back through the same enemy fire so that you can get back to easy company!
me: yeah! you're so brave, lieutenant!
*bry starts to tickle nate
bry: yep. you're the baddest, scariest most son of a gun in the whole army...with you're 3 little teethies shining and your adorable baby giggles.

bry and i read Beyond Band of Brothers: The Memoirs of Captain Dick Winters a few weeks ago. them we used some christmas money and went out and bought the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers. we finished the 10 episodes in a little over a week. we're hoping to find time to watch the hour and half documentary tonight.

we've become a little obsessed. i usually don't enjoy war movies and such, but the stories of those men are so heroic, so beyond the limits that it's hard not to be mesmerized with their histories and in awe of their sacrifices. our little t.v. trip to normandy and back has certainly inspired gratitude for those soldiers.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


me: asher? why are you out of the bed?
asher: um...cause my weg is reawy itchy...
me: baby, you can scratch your leg in the bed. there's no need to get up for that. back to bed, bud.
asher: yeah, somefin was jus scratchin it. ummm, but i gotta go pee!
me: ok, well let's go potty and then you're going back to bed and not getting up again.
*he goes to pee
asher: mom?
me: yeah?
asher: i don't know which weg was the itchy one. it was pretty itchy...
me: asher, you can scratch whatever itchy part you find when you're back in the bed.

asher gets pretty creative with his excuses for being out of bed. the old itchy leg is a pretty serious ailment that simply must be taken care of out of bed.

baby names

when bry and i were picking out names for our boys meaning was extremely important to me. i really needed our boys to have strong, meaningful names.
here's some simple art to display our boys' names:

Friday, January 20, 2012


bry: wifey?
me: yeah, husb?
bry: i know you're feeling insecure because you've got your period this week, but you still look beautiful naked.

my husb has this habit of popping in the bathroom to see me whenever he hears the shower cut off. after carrying and delivering two, full-term babies and nursing those two babies for a year each, my body is certainly not the same one that walked down the aisle to him. it is much more saggy, flabby, and stretched these days, but he consistently tells me he still thinks it's beautiful.

he sure knows how to kick my insecurities in the booty. thanks for loving me so well, husb.

Friday, January 13, 2012

potty privacy

as i'm sitting in the bathroom, i hear asher lay down outside the door. then he slides his hand under the door and giggles. then he asks,

asher: hey! what are you doing in there, mama?
me: well, asher john, i'm pooping.
asher: huh? why are you doing that in der for?
me: because when i have to poop, i have to come let it out in the potty.
asher: whaaat?! why do you let it out in the potty?
me: why do YOU let your poopoo out in the potty?
asher: um, mom? we're not talking to me right now. we're talking only to you.
me: oh, excuse me then.
*i hear him jiggling the door handle
asher: mom? did you wock da door? oh! no, you forgot!
*he walks in
me: hey, bud. why don't you go see daddy in the living room and let me finish up.
* about that time bry walks in
bryan: come on, asher. let's leave mama alone.
asher: ok.
*they leave.

later bry told me that when they got back to the living room he noticed asher starting to walk back down the hall towards the bathroom.
bryan: asher john! you better not be going back to see mama.
*asher holds up his hand and says,
asher: stop! don't folwow me!
bryan: you're not going back to the bathroom are you?
asher: um, no...but jus don't folwow me.

one of the perks of motherhood is getting to spend quality time with the family with you're taking a poop. apparently, when mama is occupying the bathroom,it's the place to be.

Monday, January 9, 2012


me: ok! you boys are getting too rough with mommy. i can't handle this tag team wrestling!
asher: yeah! me and nate are getting rumbly with you, mama!
me: well, this mama isn't for rumbling.
asher: yeah, mama is for walking...and pwaying wif toys.
me: what about for snuggles and kisses?
*he hugs and kisses me
asher: der you go. you can have all my snuggles.
me: that's what i'm talking about.

save all the rumbly stuff for daddy. i'll take all the snuggles and kisses.


me: asher john, you need a haircut.
asher: yeah, cause my hair is getting fuzzy. *sigh* jus like a girwl's hair.
me: do girls have fuzzy hair?
asher: yes. you have very fuzzy hair, mama. cause you're a girwl.
me: oh, well, i guess if your hair is getting all fuzzy like a girl's then we should definitely cut it.
asher: yep.

certainly can't have my firstborn looking like a fuzzy-headed girl.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

zeph 3:17

ever since i saw this verse over at Jones Design Company I've wanted to do something with it. after experimenting with lots of different fonts and colors, i decided to keep it simple.

here's what i came up with:

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


finally got the boys birth stats finished! 


i'm working on two more quotes to go with this one so that i can have a whole set about fairytales. i do ever so much enjoy fairytales.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


yesterday, as i was tutesin' it up (the husb and i like to abbreviate words in ridiculous ways and then use them as whatever part of speech we need. working on a tutorial=tutesin' it up) nater tot came to investigate.

tot: hey, mom. whatcha doin'?

me: oh, you know, just working on a 2, 548 step tutorial to create word art.
tot: oh, neat. let me see.
me: you can't bend the computer backwards like that, tot. it might break.
tot: oh, yeah? well, how 'bout this?!
*he closes the computer
me: seriously, dude?! i'm trying to work over here!
tot: what chu gon do about it?!

that nater tot. he's a ruthless brute, i tell ya. 

p.s. please excuse his dwight schruteish hair. i promise i don't normally part it down the middle. he had just woken up from nap and it was looking a little goofy.