Sunday, January 22, 2012


me: asher? why are you out of the bed?
asher: um...cause my weg is reawy itchy...
me: baby, you can scratch your leg in the bed. there's no need to get up for that. back to bed, bud.
asher: yeah, somefin was jus scratchin it. ummm, but i gotta go pee!
me: ok, well let's go potty and then you're going back to bed and not getting up again.
*he goes to pee
asher: mom?
me: yeah?
asher: i don't know which weg was the itchy one. it was pretty itchy...
me: asher, you can scratch whatever itchy part you find when you're back in the bed.

asher gets pretty creative with his excuses for being out of bed. the old itchy leg is a pretty serious ailment that simply must be taken care of out of bed.

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