Friday, January 13, 2012

potty privacy

as i'm sitting in the bathroom, i hear asher lay down outside the door. then he slides his hand under the door and giggles. then he asks,

asher: hey! what are you doing in there, mama?
me: well, asher john, i'm pooping.
asher: huh? why are you doing that in der for?
me: because when i have to poop, i have to come let it out in the potty.
asher: whaaat?! why do you let it out in the potty?
me: why do YOU let your poopoo out in the potty?
asher: um, mom? we're not talking to me right now. we're talking only to you.
me: oh, excuse me then.
*i hear him jiggling the door handle
asher: mom? did you wock da door? oh! no, you forgot!
*he walks in
me: hey, bud. why don't you go see daddy in the living room and let me finish up.
* about that time bry walks in
bryan: come on, asher. let's leave mama alone.
asher: ok.
*they leave.

later bry told me that when they got back to the living room he noticed asher starting to walk back down the hall towards the bathroom.
bryan: asher john! you better not be going back to see mama.
*asher holds up his hand and says,
asher: stop! don't folwow me!
bryan: you're not going back to the bathroom are you?
asher: um, no...but jus don't folwow me.

one of the perks of motherhood is getting to spend quality time with the family with you're taking a poop. apparently, when mama is occupying the bathroom,it's the place to be.


  1. i love your blog posts! jake usually walks right in on me too! he says "ma-ma, pee-pee". then he sits on his little potty and waits for me to finish. i know the feeling!!!

  2. This is so true. The moment you have children all privacy goes out the window. Parker even wanted to wipe me one time. That was a little too much invasion of my privacy.