Sunday, January 1, 2012


yesterday, as i was tutesin' it up (the husb and i like to abbreviate words in ridiculous ways and then use them as whatever part of speech we need. working on a tutorial=tutesin' it up) nater tot came to investigate.

tot: hey, mom. whatcha doin'?

me: oh, you know, just working on a 2, 548 step tutorial to create word art.
tot: oh, neat. let me see.
me: you can't bend the computer backwards like that, tot. it might break.
tot: oh, yeah? well, how 'bout this?!
*he closes the computer
me: seriously, dude?! i'm trying to work over here!
tot: what chu gon do about it?!

that nater tot. he's a ruthless brute, i tell ya. 

p.s. please excuse his dwight schruteish hair. i promise i don't normally part it down the middle. he had just woken up from nap and it was looking a little goofy.

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