Monday, August 27, 2012


me: whatcha doin', asher?
asher: nothing, mom. just jammin' like a jam jam!
me: jammin' like a jam jam?
asher: yep! jammin' like a jam jam!
me: cool, dude.

jammin' like jam jam is one of asher's favorite phrases. he uses it multiple times a day. i'm not sure exactly what it means or where it came from, but i'm loving it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

little boy gospel

*as we're driving in the car
asher: mama, i'm a big brave boy and i never give up!
me: yes, you are. that's a wonderful attitude!
asher: yep.
*later during a quiet moment, i start to sing
me: Jesus loves me, this i know...
asher: mom, Jesus lets us be brave and never give up!
me: yes, asher, that's exactly what He does! how does He do that?
asher: well, cuz we can love each other and not be ugly.
me: yes, He taught us how to love each other and how to love and know God so that we can all live well together and worship Him!
asher: yep.
me: how did He do that? do you remember how Jesus was born on earth, but He was still God's Son? and how He taught us all those things about love and about God while He was here? He helped us understand so much about God and and each other and the whole Bible.
asher: yep.
me: but a lot of people thought He was lying and they hated Him, so they crucified Him and He died. and then what happened?
asher: they put that big, huge stone in front of the tune!
me: yes, they put Him in the tomb to bury Him. because he was dead and we bury dead people, but then what happened? after 3 days?
asher: HE WAS ALIVE!
me: YES! God brought His Son back to life! and that's why, if we believe in Jesus and all that He did and said and was, then we can be brave and never give up! because even though we're stinky sinners and that makes life hard, He made a way for us to know and love God and love each other.
asher: yeah, and be brave.
me: the bravest. we don't anything to be scared of in Jesus. not even death!
asher: yeah. mom?
me: yes?
asher: big boys are brave and sometimes they poot!

let me just go ahead and say that this sweet (minus the poot talk at the end) conversation happened in the car yesterday morning and by yesterday afternoon asher had apparently forgotten all about it. he was ugly and defiant. he was stomping and spitting. he was the stinkiest of sinners. which, in turn, made me want to stomp and spit and yell back and pour all my stinky sin out too. i was utterly frustrated. however, my son is not yet a believer in Christ. despite our prayers and attempts to guide him as best we can to Jesus, sin still reigns supreme in his life.

which brings me to my point. asher is not a believer, but i am. no matter how frustrated i get with his behavior, i am responsible to discipline with grace, love, and self-control. i'm thankful for conversations like the one above not only because they may eventually point my son to Christ, but also because i need to hear the gospel every day too. i need to be reminded that in Christ, even when i feel like losing it and spewing stinky sin all over the place, Jesus has given me every reason to be brave and never give up.

Friday, August 17, 2012

a print

this girl is having a sale in her etsy shop. 45% off your order and it ends today. i don't know her, but i saw this print on a random blog once and just fell in love. soooo, i took advantage of the sale and finally ordered it.

and because i'm a big fan of people making a living off of their creative expressions, you should browse around her store today before her sale ends. i'm not getting anything from this post other than the pleasure of knowing that you may find some beautiful art that you just love and simultaneously support a creative soul in the process.

sweet baby

me: hey, nater tot!
*nate looks at me, waves his chubby, little hand back and forth, and says
nate: hey, mama.

that sweet boy melts my heart just by saying my name. bry's at the doctor with him right now because on and off for two weeks, nate has been suffering from vomiting and diarrhea and we have no idea why. he'll seem fine for a few days and then get so sick that he can't even keep pedialyte down. praying that the Lord gives the doctors wisdom to figure out what's going on quickly with minimal poking and prodding.


asher: oh, mom, look!
me: i see, bud.
asher: bambi is fighting those mean dogs!
me: yep, he's saving the girl deer again, huh?
asher: yes! yes, he is!
me: oh! she got away!
asher: yeah! he saved her!
me: yep.
asher: wow...he is such a great rescuer. did you see that he's a great rescuer, mom?

i love that my little boy is completely in awe of rescuing. he often pretends that he is rescuing or protecting someone or something as he plays. not only do i find these qualities in him endearing, but i also think that any opportunity to discuss the act of rescue is an opportunity to share the gospel with my sweet child. Christ as our Rescuer, Ransom, Redeemer, and Reconciliation.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


asher: naytuhr! you cayn't throw sayuhnd! if ya throw sayuhnd, it miyte git in ma britches! if it gits in ma britches, i won't ever git it out!

since we moved back to SC, asher has developed quite a southern drawl. occasionally, his southern accent is very distinct, as in the above sentence.

can you translate country?


asher: hey mom, let's pretend like you're a gator and i'll be a gator boy and i'll catch you and then i'll let you go and you'll be so happy and free.
me: ok.
*i swim around on my belly like a big ol' gator.
asher: ok!
*asher jumps on me and wrestles around
asher: come here, you gator! i'm gonna get cha and take you to the wild!
me: don't forget my baby gator!
*i scoop up nate and asher stops and looks at me
asher: but, mom?
me: yeah, bud?
asher: but what about your middle-sized gator?
me: and who might he be?
*he taps his thumbs on his chest and smiles
asher: me! i'm your middle-sized one!
me: i thought you were the gator boy?
asher: well, now i'm in your gator family!

along with turtle man, asher also enjoys watching gator boys on animal planet. he proceeded to show me exactly how gators have to swim when they're in the pool.


asher: hey nater! let's play hide and sink!
*nate immediately covers his eyes and peeking through his fingers, counts
nate: one, teeew, freeee, fohhhrr, iiiive, ixxx, seben. RANNY O NOT!
*then he throws his hand in the air and shouts
nate: PAPRISE!!!

we love a good game of hide and seek around here. not only is it fun, but it's also the most adorable thing you ever did see.