Friday, August 17, 2012


asher: oh, mom, look!
me: i see, bud.
asher: bambi is fighting those mean dogs!
me: yep, he's saving the girl deer again, huh?
asher: yes! yes, he is!
me: oh! she got away!
asher: yeah! he saved her!
me: yep.
asher: wow...he is such a great rescuer. did you see that he's a great rescuer, mom?

i love that my little boy is completely in awe of rescuing. he often pretends that he is rescuing or protecting someone or something as he plays. not only do i find these qualities in him endearing, but i also think that any opportunity to discuss the act of rescue is an opportunity to share the gospel with my sweet child. Christ as our Rescuer, Ransom, Redeemer, and Reconciliation.

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