Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a proposition

bryan: andrew said asher was like a walking episode of "kids say the darndest things."
me: yeah, he is...but, you know, i think all kids are like that. it's just way more noticeable with asher because i blog all the funny things he says.

that being said, i have a proposition for you all. i hope you don't find it presumptuous. here goes.

since i enjoy sharing conversations so much, i thought it might be fun to have some guest convos on the blog every week. i didn't know if anyone would want to take me up on that since my blog is not anything special. however, i know some of you don't have blogs or ,if you do, you don't have time to keep up with them. i also know that all of us have really funny kids or husbands or students or friends in our lives that provide really entertaining or meaningful conversations.

SO if anyone wants to take me up on this offer, i would just love to hear from you.


me: red means stop, yellow means slow down, and green means go!
asher: yeah, gween means go!
me: yep!
asher: and yeddow means go slwowy.
me: yes.
asher: and wed means da carses gotta stop vroomin'!
me: yep! you got it, bud!

1.) asher has begun to pluralize like gollum. recently i've heard carses, eyeses, shirtses, toyses, truckses, hobbitses...ok, so i haven't heard him say that last one, but it's probably coming.

2.) vroom is one of our favorite verbs around these parts. our cars never drive anywhere, they always vroom. vrooming, of course, is way more fun.


me: i just love c.s. lewis so much.
bryan: yeah?
me: yes! i think we should have another son and name him clive. i just love him!
bryan: if you love him so much, why don't you marry him?
me: *sigh* because he died...
bryan: wow. thanks a lot, wifey.
me: oh, clive...

i've always appreciated c.s. lewis because he gifted the world with The Chronicles of Narnia, but after reading Mere Christianity for the first time a few weeks ago, i just love the guy. i'm just so thankful for his thinking. whether you're a Christian or not, you should take the time to read Mere Christianity.

and just for the record, despite my teasing, i am way more thankful and have way more love for my husb than i do for c.s. lewis.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

cut it out

bryan: asher, stop spitting.
asher: *blows spit bubbles
bryan: asher, cut it out! that's not funny, bud.
asher: *laughs and dribbles some more
bryan: seriously, cut it out.
asher: stop cutting me out!!! i blowing bubbles!!!

hot nater tot

nater tot woke up with a fever. he's all snuggly and sweet and i just need to love on him.

bryan: are you planning on holding that guy all day?
me: yep! this is the first time he's been sick since he had RSV and i feel like i just need to keep him close.
bryan: yeah, that's fine.
me: just look at him! he's running a fever and he looks all peaked!
bryan: what does that even mean?
me: i think if you say someone looks all peaked you mean they just look sick. their eyes are all weak...and peaked! i don't know how to describe it because it's one of those sayings that i've heard all of my life. i think my great grandma said it and now all the women in my family do.
bryan: yea, ok.
me: just trust me. he's looking all peaked.

peaked (adj.) pee-KED: when someone looks sick, i.e. weak eyes, or pale skin, or flushed cheeks, etc.-synonyms: uhhh, peaked?

Thursday, August 25, 2011


asher: accchhhooo!!
*i'm not paying attention so asher says,
asher: mom? i sweeze.
me: you sneezed?
asher: yes.
*looks at me expectantly
asher: you gotta say "bwess you"
me: oh! yes! i'm sorry. bless you, asher!
asher: thanks, mom.

sometimes a big boy has got to keep his mama in check.

sweezes are serious business.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

bible versin' big boy

bryan: mama! asher just said his whole Bible verse with no prompting!
me: whaaaaaaat?! can you say it again for me, please?!?!
*with a sweet, sheepish smile he says,
asher: fohr God so woved da worhld...dat He gave His onwy Son...dat whoevehr beweives in Him should not pewish! but have eternahl wife! john thwee sisteeeen!
me: you said that whole Bible verse! asher, i am SO proud of you! that was wonderful! i just love hearing you say Bible verses!
asher: yes! i say my Bible vehrse!!
me: you know what that means? we get to start working on another one!
asher: yeah! another one!
me: you are my big ol' Bible versin' boy!

for the past month, bryan and i have been working on scripture memory with our sweet stinker. we decided to start with John 3:16 since it is the Gospel in a single sentence. tonight was the first night i've ever heard asher say it without prompting or help.

it was beautiful.

praying that the Lord uses His word to speak to asher's tiny heart at a young age. as parents, our most passionate plea is that our sons might believe in Christ and know the perfect love of their True Father.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

on PDA

this convo took place as bry and i were discussing PDA with some of our friends...

bry: elise used to grab my butt in public.
me: haha! yeah! he would get so mad about that.
bry: yeah, because we'd just be walking around the grocery store and she would grab it!
me: i always checked to make sure no one was looking first!
bry: whatever! i would turn around and there would be 3 or 4 people in the aisle behind us!
me: yeah, but they wouldn't be looking!
bry: of course not! because they would too embarrassed to make eye contact!
me: i don't think so... i forgot i used to do that. i can't wait for our next grocery store trip!

sometimes a wifey just gotta give her husb a little PDA.


asher: mom, i jus gotta get my boogies out.
*sticks his finger up his nose
me: ok, well let's put them in a kleenex so we can throw them away when you're all done.
asher: NO! i just gotta put dem back in my nose when i all done.
me: ewwww!

he's learned from the best.


*asher puts a block on his head
asher: i got a piwate hat!
me: oh, yeah? that's cool.
asher: arrrggghhhh, matey! dat's what a piwate says!
me: yeah! arrggghhh, matey!
asher: no, mom. you can't say it. you don't have a hat.

little boy imaginations arrrrrrrre fun.

John 3:16

me: for God so loved the world...
asher: fohr God so woved da worhld...
me: that He gave His only Son...
asher: dat He gave His only son...AND MONSTEHR TWUCKS!!

he's probably right. i'm pretty sure God gave the world monster trucks because he loves little boys.