Saturday, August 27, 2011

hot nater tot

nater tot woke up with a fever. he's all snuggly and sweet and i just need to love on him.

bryan: are you planning on holding that guy all day?
me: yep! this is the first time he's been sick since he had RSV and i feel like i just need to keep him close.
bryan: yeah, that's fine.
me: just look at him! he's running a fever and he looks all peaked!
bryan: what does that even mean?
me: i think if you say someone looks all peaked you mean they just look sick. their eyes are all weak...and peaked! i don't know how to describe it because it's one of those sayings that i've heard all of my life. i think my great grandma said it and now all the women in my family do.
bryan: yea, ok.
me: just trust me. he's looking all peaked.

peaked (adj.) pee-KED: when someone looks sick, i.e. weak eyes, or pale skin, or flushed cheeks, etc.-synonyms: uhhh, peaked?

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