Wednesday, August 24, 2011

bible versin' big boy

bryan: mama! asher just said his whole Bible verse with no prompting!
me: whaaaaaaat?! can you say it again for me, please?!?!
*with a sweet, sheepish smile he says,
asher: fohr God so woved da worhld...dat He gave His onwy Son...dat whoevehr beweives in Him should not pewish! but have eternahl wife! john thwee sisteeeen!
me: you said that whole Bible verse! asher, i am SO proud of you! that was wonderful! i just love hearing you say Bible verses!
asher: yes! i say my Bible vehrse!!
me: you know what that means? we get to start working on another one!
asher: yeah! another one!
me: you are my big ol' Bible versin' boy!

for the past month, bryan and i have been working on scripture memory with our sweet stinker. we decided to start with John 3:16 since it is the Gospel in a single sentence. tonight was the first night i've ever heard asher say it without prompting or help.

it was beautiful.

praying that the Lord uses His word to speak to asher's tiny heart at a young age. as parents, our most passionate plea is that our sons might believe in Christ and know the perfect love of their True Father.

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