Tuesday, April 12, 2011

nose pickery

me and the husb are both admitted nose pickers. everyone has to pick their nose at some point or they would have such fierce booger build up that it would hinder their ability to breathe. don't pretend like you don't do it. i won't believe you.

me: can you hand me a kleenex? i got boogs.
husb: no, quit having boogs! just sprinkle them on the floor. we vacuum pretty regularly.
me: huuuuuuusb!

since we already established that everyone picks their nose it's safe to assume that everyone also has a different style of nose pickery. bryan is a sprinkler. he also has been known to swipe them under the seat of the car while driving. i, on the other hand, prefer a flicking method or just a kleenex (bryan needed me to tell you that he has been the victim of many a boogy flick.)

i just felt the need to let you in on our most intimate secrets.

you should know that i giggled the whole time i was typing this because i think we're so dang funny. i apologize if boogies gross you out, but, like i said, you gotta do something with those guys as to avoid nostril incapacitation.

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