Sunday, April 24, 2011

confession #8: i love harry potter...and Jesus

bryan and i really love harry potter. in fact, we spent a big chunk of our honeymoon reading harry potter out loud to each other. it was lovely. i know a lot of christians don't like harry potter because of the witchcraft and wizardry part, but most of the ones that i hear say that have never actually read a single page of the books so i can't help but not take their uneducated opinion very seriously. the main reason i like harry potter is not because it makes me want to be a witch when i grow up, but because the overarching theme of these books is the battle of good versus evil. when i think of harry potter my first thought isn't one of sorcery, but of sacrifice. so many good, noble characters risk their lives, their families, and everything they know to try to fight the good fight against the evil that is steadily taking over their world. in some of the books, it seems like all hope is lost. it looks like good doesn't stand a chance against the ever-present and ever-growing evil.  in the end, the characters' sacrifices are worth it because good kicks evil's booty in an epic last battle that brings tears to one's harry-potter-reading eyes.

good wins.

whether we realize it or not, i think this is the reason so many of us love good ol' HP. we long for good to kick some booty. we want to know that it's worth the fight. we want to believe that in the end our sacrifices to make things better meant something. we need to know that despite how things may seem and no matter how strong of a foothold evil seems to have, it will be defeated eventually.

i think the reason that some people have a problem with believing in God is because most of the time, it seems like evil has won in our world. if God is really good, if He is who He claims to be, then why do such bad, awful things still happen?

what those people need to understand is that we are still living in the midst of a beautiful, ongoing story where evil seems to be the victor, but PRAISE GOD that as the author of this story He has already let us know how it's really going to end.

He has assured us that our sacrifices do indeed mean something.
He has encouraged us to continue to fight the good fight.
He has promised us that Good wins.

because of the death and resurrection of JESUS CHRIST, we have absolutely nothing to fear when making these sacrifices while fighting this fight because CHRIST has conquered death once and for all. if we die while fighting for the good of CHRIST, then we gain life eternally and never really taste death at all. THANK OUR SAVIOR that because of His sacrifice the world and all it's evil has been conquered. PRAISE THE LORD that because of His beautiful resurrection, CHRIST will be returning to kick evil's booty one final epic time and every single sorrow and hardship and nasty evil thing will be vanquished and wiped away from this earth.

let us not forget that the battle is not over, even though the war was won when CHRIST died and rose again. let us not forget that we are still in the midst of our story and even when it seems like evil has won we will continue to sacrifice, we will continue to fight, we will continue to hope because we know in the end, because of our sweet SAVIOR and all that He is and all that He did and all the He does and all that He will do-


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