Wednesday, April 6, 2011

my son is a magician

asher: what happened, mama?
*asher jumps off of the end of the coffee table where he was sitting
me: i don't know. what is that?
*there's a puddle on the coffee table
asher: i not know!
*he slaps the puddle of whatever with his hand
me: did you spill your juice?
*then i notice he doesn't have his juice
asher: nope.
me: did you wet through your diaper already?!
asher: nope.
*i feel his diaper and it's dry
me: well, what is that?

after some quick investigating (i smelled it. bad idea.), i discovered it was definitely pee. however, i was baffled because, as previously stated, his diaper was dry. then i realized that somehow asher had magically finagled his diddle out the side of his diaper and then peed...directly on top of my coffee table. i have no idea how he got the didster outside of the diaper.

he's magic.

boys are so weird.

have i mentioned lately that i have a stinker problem?


  1. ummm my newborn does this and he can't do anything but lay around...boys ARE weird!

  2. I just read it again to Joshua and he said he loves how you call it his "diddle" :o)