Saturday, April 30, 2011

asher's new most favorite thing to say

asher spazes out sometimes. you can see it coming. he gets that crazy look in his eye and starts shaking with excitement. all of his energy just builds and builds and then he's just gotta get it out. i've been told he takes after a certain someone who also enjoyed partaking in spastic episodes. sometimes i look at him when he's shaking with so much excitement and just can't contain himself and i think, "i remember that feeling!" sometimes i still get that way. usually if there's a tiny, adorable, furry animal around that just neeeeeeds to be squeezed...or a sweet, new baby that's ripe for the cuddling...

anyway, bryan told me that this happened this morning while i was out yardsaleing.

*asher stands up on the couch beside bryan. he's looking a little spastic...

bryan: asher, you better not jump on the couch!
*asher slumps back down beside bryan and lets out a disappointed
asher: aaaaaaaawwwwwwwww...

nowadays, whenever asher gets in trouble or told not to do something his response is ALWAYS, "awwwww..." it's so dang cute it almost makes you want to retract your rebuke.


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