Saturday, April 9, 2011

the mommy look

they say every mommy has a look that strikes fear into the hearts of their children...

me: ok, bud. it's time to get out of the bath and get dried off.
asher: NOOOOOOOOOOO! (he yells at me)
me: *i don't say a word. i just mommy stare him down.
asher: ok! sowry, mama. i try and get out now.
*he immediately scoots his little booty right out of the tub
me: thank you, asher.

i just feel like i've hit a milestone in mommydom.

and now it's on like donkey kong! woot woot!

let the fear and trembling commence among the offspring of the clan of mcclelland for mother hath perfected her dreaded mommy look!

don't make me give you the look. it's a dangerous weapon, but i'm not afraid to use it.

can you tell i'm proud of myself?

1 comment:

  1. Now that you have perfected the look there no stopping you! By the way have I told you lately you are a terrific mom and wife and I feel blessed that you are in my family...Love ya