Wednesday, April 20, 2011

quick update on the big boy pottying

i'll sit down this weekend and write a real blog about the entire potty experience, but until then here's a synopsis. potty training experience thus far:

i was terrified to get started. i was really terrified to leave my stinker in plain undawears (that's right i said undawears) with no padding or absorbency whatsoever. then i was scared that i would have pee and maybe even poop on every surface of my house. so i bought some puppy pee pads and spread them out on the couch. it helped a lot. i highly recommend purchasing a big ol' pack of the pee pads. we call them "big boy sheets" so that he'll want to sit on them. despite my fears, i do not have pee or poop on every surface. most of the accidents have happened on the pee pads and i just scooped them up and tossed them in the trash. a few have happened in the carpet, but i just cleaned it up. i've washed his undawears a lot since yesterday morning. i'm glad i bought a ton of them. it has not been scary at all since we actually started.

i feel like i've said, "let mommy know when you need to go peepee in the big boy potty" and, "peepee goes in the potty, not in big boy underwear" about 598q3749756428p8349750 times (so many times that i had to use lower case letters to describe it.) it's frustrating after saying it that many times and he still has accidents. he did not use the potty a single time yesterday. and then despite making him sit on the potty twice before bed, he peed in the bed a few minutes after i laid him down. frustrating. however, i keep reminding myself that this is tough for him too. he's having to make a whole new brain to body connection. he's never had to think about what it feels like to go pee before so why should he just know how to do it? that's why it's called training, i believe. i'm helping him train his little body to use the potty (it makes me feel better about it if i rhyme.) just so you know, no matter how frustrated i have gotten, i have not said a single negative thing to him this entire time. i haven't yelled or huffed or puffed or rolled my eyes. i've never said, "NO" or "BAD." i just keep gently reminding him that peepee goes in the potty. and i think that's helped both of us tremendously.

oh, and he peed in the potty THREE times with only two accidents this morning. that's a winning record so far, people.

wait a minute. was that a typo?? no, it was not. part of this process requires you to be with your child every moment he's awake. it's been so much fun to get to play with asher and pay this much attention to him. we make up fun potty songs and do excited potty dances. he helps me check his undawears to make sure they're still dry and we jump and shout and waaaahooooooo when they are. i'm so, so stinkin' proud of my stinker for trying so hard to use the big boy potty. like i said, this is a whole new world for him and he is adjusting so well. it's fun to see him succeed. it's fun to see how happy he is when he makes it to the potty. it's fun to know i'm helping him. it's fun to see his little undaweared booty running around the house. it's fun to just be with him. even if he pees in my lap.

ok, so he hasn't peed in my lap yet, BUT he did pee on bryan because he forgot to hold his diddle down so his peepee would go in the potty. i think we've mastered the diddle down position now though.

in conclusion, potty training is not as bad as i thought it would far. did i mention he hasn't pooped yet?

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