Friday, April 29, 2011

late night stinker

so after getting asher and nate to bed, (can i just say that it's tough having 2 little ones in the same room? i never know when one is going to wake the other. it forces me to be the lightest sleeper of any one who's ever slept. no, seriously. anyone. ever.) i came out and was trying to get some things tidied up before bed. it makes me feel better if things are picked up and neat before i go to bed because then i can wake up to a relatively clean house (the only time my house is relatively neat is when asher's asleep)...(have i overwhelmed you with too many parenthetical statements yet? what has it been so far? like 4038247? have i mentioned that i'm fond of number exaggeration?) ok, so where were we? oh yeah, so i come out of their room and as i'm cleaning up the kitchen i hear this:

bryan: asher? what are you doing awake, bud?
asher: i just come sit on couch wit you, daddy.
me: he's awake?!
bryan: yep.
*i come into the living room
asher: hey, mama. i jus need to see you for jus a minute.
me: it's time for bed, bud.
asher: i wanna watch word world.
me: no, we have to go back to bed.
asher: i needa play twucks.
me: nope. we can't play trucks right now.
asher: i wanna see you for jus onnnnnnne second.
me: ok, just one second...but then it's time for bed.

after i came back from putting asher to bed a second time, bryan smiled and said, "you know, one day we're going to miss stuff like this."

he's probably right. the stinker was looking pretty cute with his sleepy eyes and bed head and a little toy truck tucked up under each arm. did i mention he had a truck under each arm? that makes this whole transaction cuter, doesn't it? now go back a read it and imagine him having a truck under each arm...cuter, huh?

i'm sorry. i keep getting distracted from the point...which is:

my babies are growing up too fast already. the husb is right. i'm gonna miss these sweet times when all my stinker wants to do is spend time with his mamadaddy.

even if it's for just one second.

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