Sunday, April 17, 2011

confession #7: i'm guilty too

earlier today i posted this facebook status:
"it bothers me when christians post youtube videos of socially awkward people singing and then make fun of them. don't get me wrong, i know they shouldn't have put ridiculous videos of themselves up for all the world to see, but how do you brutally make fun of those types of people on facebook and then go and minister to those same types of people in your life and church? it just seems a little twisted to me..."

it's an issue that has bothered me for a while now as i've been noticing that it's become quite a trend in facebook world even among my christian friends. i probably should've just kept my thoughts to myself. i now realize that this probably wasn't something to be discussed on facebook. i've been stewing over the issue all day since i posted it and i feel the need to apologize...

because i'm guilty too.

i think the same reason that people laugh at those videos is the same reason that people laugh at awkward people who fail miserably on those american idol try-outs because they can't sing but think they can. i need to confess that i have laughed plenty of times at those poor people. i have also been convicted of this because when i really think about why it feels so good to laugh at those people's expense i realize it's because i'm a sinner. i like to watch others fail because it makes me feel better about myself. i like to laugh at people who are weirder than me or uglier than me or more socially awkward than me because it makes me feel pretty dang good thinking that i'm not so bad after all. i have a filthy, self-absorbed sinner's heart and laughing at other's expense is just one way in which i let the whole world see it.

however, the Lord has been convicting me of these things and now when i see others on facebook or wherever making fun of these types of people, it hurts my heart. i get upset. i think, "what if that were my sweet asher? or my little buddy, nate? i would be heartbroken if i saw the awful comments people were making about them." and i think, "those poor people probably get made fun of every day by jerks like me. am i accurately representing Christ by teasing them??" like my mama always said: just 'cause every body else is doing it, don't mean it's right.

i know that it's the work of the Holy Spirit in my life that has transformed my heart and that is why i stand staunchly by these convictions. BUT just because He has changed my thoughts doesn't mean i have the right to press my convictions on others...and it certainly doesn't me that i am not guilty of very similar things in other areas of my life.

so, all that to say this: i apologize. i am guilty too.

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  1. hey. I love you and I"m sorry too. I'm glad that we love each other so much and that we can present different ideas and even disagree but be challenged, encouraged and convicted through our differences and our love. I love you so much and I"m just glad that we're us. The end.