Friday, April 29, 2011


bryan: family tickle!!!
me: yeahhhhh!
*we both tickle asher
asher: noooooo! stop it, mamadaddy! 
*laughs hyserically

asher does this thing where he tries to be really grumpy and pretend like something's not funny, but he also can't help himself from laughing hysterically. 

and i'm like, "whatever, dude. it's funny." 

and he's like, "i know, mom. i'm just trying to maintain my cool guy exterior." 

and i'm like, "what cool guy exterior? you're only two."

and he's like, "exactly." 

and i'm like, "what?"

ok, so none of that last part really happened. 

anyway, i was trying to write this post so that i could discuss how when bryan and i are together asher refers to us as "mamadaddy." we're one unit in his little, toddler head.

and i love it. because i mean, biblically speaking, we are one and all. even the little stinker is wise enough to observe that.

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