Tuesday, April 5, 2011

asher's imagination

i've noticed that asher has really begun to use his imagination. here are some of my favorites that i've heard over the past week:

*talking to a green duck made from play-doh
asher: oh! hey, duck. what's up? what you do? i just playing play-doh with mommy.
*holding a block over his head
asher: you hear dat?
me: what is it?
asher: dat's a heddacopter fwying up in da sky, mama!
*he zooms his block around
me: oh yeah! look at that helicopter!
*holding a play-doh ball
asher: i playing baseball!!
(sigh. i had hoped he'd be a basketball man.)
*holding a #8 play-doh cutter
asher: it's a # H, mama! (we're working on letters and numbers. sometimes he calls the #8 the #H. i imagine it is a little confusing since they're only one sound different)
*he holds the #8 up in the sky
asher: it's dark, mama! see da moon? the #H is in the sky on da moon!

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