Thursday, April 7, 2011

awkwardly hilarious

it took me a while to decide if this was blog appropriate, so let me just apologize in advance if you find it appalling that i would share this conversation with the world. however, i find it too funny and too true to what life is like with little boys to not we go!

as previously stated, we're trying to keep asher out of the bathroom when i'm showering simply because he's getting older and becoming more aware and asking questions. today, he barged in as i was drying off after my shower.

asher: der's mama's belly!
me: yep.
asher: what's dat, mama?
me: ummm...that's mama's hoohoo.
*i quickly wrap the towel around myself
asher: mama's hoohoo?!
* he chuckles to himself
asher: no, mama!! dat's your butt!
me: *laughing too hysterically to respond

i warned you it was awkward.

and hilarious.

welcome to my world.

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