Thursday, March 31, 2011

shower surprises

we're trying to avoid letting asher be around when i'm taking a shower just because he's getting older and starting to ask questions like "what are those, mommy?" innocent questions, of course, but i would prefer him not to be explaining the intricacies of mommy's anatomy to the person behind us in the grocery store line...and knowing the stinker, it could happen! that being said, sometimes he barges in the bathroom while i'm showering anyways.

asher: hey mommy!
me: oh! hey bud!
asher: whatcha do?
me: taking a shower. why don't you go play with daddy until i'm done?
asher: nope.
*despite his negative response, he leaves. then returns a few seconds later
asher: here ya go, mama! you need a truck!
*he pulls the curtain back and drops a truck in the tub.
me: oh, wow! thank you!
asher: you're welcome, mommy.
*he leaves again and comes right back with a starwars ship thingy (i don't know anything about starwars. my husb tells me i'm going to have to learn because i have 2 boys who will be into that kind of stuff. that's fine, however, i think i've still got a few more years of bob the builder and thomas the train before i need to familiarize myself with the galaxy far, far away. that's starwars, right? or is that startrek? anyways...)
me: oh! more stuff? thank you, asher!

by the time he's finished delivering his treasures, i am taking a shower with a toy 4-wheeler, the starwars thingy, a toy truck, and a seed shaker percussion instrument. i guess because he gets to take baths with cool toys, he thinks mommy needs them too.

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