Wednesday, March 2, 2011

where does he get this stuff?

*bry walks in from class
asher: daddy! daddy! how's it going, daddy?
bryan: it's going good, bud.
*asher gets off the couch and goes to his daddy
bryan: oh, do i get a hug?
*he gives bry a hug
asher: how's it going, daddy?
*he shakes bryan's hand
bryan: did you just see that?
me: yep.
bryan: he shook my hand. where did he even learn that?
me: i have no idea!

what can i say? our stinker is so amusing. speaking of things that he's learned and we have no idea from whence they came...

*super duper karate kick to whatever is within range of his foot

we're not sure where that came from either, but it happens quite often these days.

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