Thursday, March 17, 2011

food fight

me: would you like to eat some noodles and cheese for lunch?
asher: no! how about...cookies! and cheese!
me: nope. you can't have cookies for lunch. how about noodles and cheese?
asher: nooooooooo! how bout cookies?
me: how about peanut butter and jelly?
asher: ok! peanut butter and jelly...and cookies!

my sweet stinker of a toddler has become a very picky eater. pb&j is a staple in our house. chicken and french fries are usually eaten up well as long as he gets to have ketchup too (that boy looooves him some ketchup!). he likes spaghetti ok. on occasion i can get him to eat scrambled eggs. and he will eat bits of cheese if it's shredded, but not in any other form. he likes mandarin oranges, applesauce, and sometimes bananas.

anyway, the point is that a lot of times he won't eat what we're having for dinner. he just turned 2 in january, so it's hard to reason with him and make him eat. i've tried making him stay in his chair until he eats something, bribing him with yogurt (oh, he likes yogurt too!) if he'll just take 1 bite, eating a bite off of his plate and making a big deal about how delicious it is, among others things. should i just wait until he gets a little older to have this food fight? or should i keep trying to nip it in the bud now?


  1. His dad eats more now than he ever did at home. He used to make me sooo mad at dinner time I could scream sometimes and I actually did!

  2. I always ate just about everything. I think my parents started me out on "real food" pretty early. Then again, I was the one who asked what "market price" meant on the menu because it's what I wanted for dinner. I was nine.