Sunday, March 13, 2011

asher's current favorites

these are some of asher's favorite phrases at the moment:

"yeah, ok, yeah. chure! chure!" (chure=sure)
when he agrees to do something, he really agrees.

"kank kou, mama, kank kou!"
he has really good manners. he says this for every little thing you do for him. he will "kank kou" to death.

"no idea!"
for reasons unbeknownst to me, he uses this phrase for food he doesn't like. he'll try it, make a disgusted face, and then say "no, mama! no idea!"

"no! i need it!"
this is his argument for everything.

<<seriously, he needs that camera. can't you tell?


  1. Elliott has that EXACT SAME "I need that camera" face!

  2. what's really funny is that YOU my sweet friend and that silly husb of yours do ALL the same things...just maybe in a little better English :)

  3. oh so good - can't tell you how many times Olivia has "needed" things around the house :o)