Monday, March 21, 2011

stinker dance

*i hear asher, who is supposed to be eating his PB&J, slide out of his chair and i jump up to intercept him before he reaches the living room. he knows he's not supposed to get down until he's all clean!

me: eh! eh! eh! get back in there and let me wash your hands!
asher: hehe!

*he literally hehe's and does what i like to affectionately call "the stinker dance"...ok, so i just came up with that title, but from now on i will enjoy affectionately calling it "the stinker dance."

*he also manages to swipe a couple of walls and kitchen appliances with sticky PB&Jness during his spaz-out...

*i sigh and try not to smile at my crazy toddler (so as to maintain my firm, mommy demeanor) who is so much like me sometimes that it's scary...and i get him cleaned up...along with my PB&Jed kitchen.

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