Tuesday, March 15, 2011


my phone is missing. i remember getting it out of the bedroom this morning so that bry could go to sleep and i wouldn't have to disturb him to get to it, but that's where the memory line stops. i've looked all over all morning and just can't find it. as i'm puzzling over where i could have put it, i say out loud

me: where is mommy's phone?
**asher, who is hiding under the table whining about not wanting to eat lunch yet, pops his head out and says
asher: hmm, i not know, mommy.
me: you don't know either, huh?
asher: no, i not know....but i put it right here on the table.

hmmmmm, suddenly the problem has gone from trying to think of all the places where i could have possibly left my phone to all the places where my toddler son could have possibly put my phone.

it could be absolutely anywhere.

he stuffed bath towels in the toilet once, you know.

i have a stinker problem.

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