Thursday, March 3, 2011

peanut, peanut butter and cookies!

i know that's not how the song goes. even asher knows you have to say "and jelly!!" but i needed a clever title to talk about making peanut butter cookies today, so BOOYAH jelly. get outta here.

so asher and i tried to make peanut butter cookies today. i'm not sure why i keep trying to make them because they always turn out too gooey and pasty and just wrong. like maybe-they-need-to-cook-a-little-longer-because-they're-still-globs-of-goo-except-the-bottoms-are-already-burning-so-i-have-to-take-them-out-but-maybe-once-they-cool-they'll-look-like-cookies-but-they-never-do wrong. did you get all that? this happens every time i attempt pb cookies. i long for chewy, slightly crispy edged goodness and get blobs. regardless, i have an insatiable cookie tooth (it's kinda like a sweet tooth) and since i only had the ingredients to make peanut butter cookies, i hoped for better results. alas, i was once again disappointed (and a little nauseous from eating too much cookie dough). however, my sweet boy did not disappoint with his ridiculousness...

*i turn around from washing up some used baking utensils to find asher has ever so sneakily gotten ahold of the dough bowl and is trying to eat from it

me: hey! what are you doing?
asher: (i startle him and he jumps. a good sign he's up to no good) asher need it, mommy. i eatin'.
me: no, sir. you can't eat that. we have to cook it. (i take the bowl away)
asher: noooooooooo, mama! stop it!!!!! (he uses his whiniest whiner baby voice and swats his little cookie dough covered hand in my general direction)
me: no, YOU, stop it!! goofball!! (bryan makes fun of me because i use the line "YOU, no!" or "YOU stop it!" with asher a lot. just fightin' fire with fire, baby.)
asher: noooooo, mama! i neeeeeeeeeed it! (did i mention he's whiner babying?)
me: sorry, bud.
asher: mama! mama! i neeeeeeed it! (by this point he's boohooing and doing a dance)

i'm debating about whether or not to admit that i gave him a taste after all this settled down. would you think me a bad parent if i did? because i did. just a little one. it was just because he neeeeeeeeded it. he told me so. 


  1. If the cookies are burning on the bottom before cooking through, I'd turn your oven temperature down. If you think it's the recipe, I have a peanut butter cookie recipe that I really like - it's a little crumbly though.

  2. He neeeeds it mama! I can just see him saying it. Besides we all ate cookie doe..Thats a mewmaw talking

  3. number one, I love this and him and it made me ache for him a little.
    number two, you're the best asher ad nate momma I know, I wanna be just like when I grow up :D
    number 3, you were on a BLOGIN roll today, I gotta get with the program.