Tuesday, March 29, 2011

and then some girls do

ashley king, who is a wonderful friend, sent me a digital copy of sawyer brown's greatest hits 1990-1995 for my birthday after reading my post about neeeeeeding it. once i downloaded it, bry turned on the first song, the lovely "some girls do," so that we could take a listen. i, of course, immediately start dancing and singing and bry is watching me from the corner of his eye, smiling.

*i lean over and kiss him on the cheek
me: is that what you wanted?
bry: nope.
me: why are looking at me like that?
bry: because i'm waiting on the chorus...
me: why? so you can sing too?
bry: nope.
*the chorus starts
bry: so i can do this!
*he jumps on top of the coffee table and starts dancing like a mad man
me: ahhhh hahaha! like sawyer brown on top of the washing machines!!!
*i laugh hysterically because usually i am the one who spontaneously and ridiculously dances and not my silly husb. he jumps down after the chorus.
me: that was so funny, husb!
bry: haha! thanks...
*we both chuckle
bry: i really thought i might break our coffee table...

THANKS, ashley king, for inspiring my husb to dance on the coffee table!

p.s. does sawyer brown dance on top of washing machines in that video? i know he dances on top of something and for some reason i remember washing machines...maybe it's tables?? does anyone know?!

thanks for finding THIS, kelly pritchett!

apparently, he dances on everything BUT washing machines...my childhood memory deceived me. but let's be honest ladies, with that hair and outfit and those smokin' hot dance moves, it's not hard to believe i had a crush on him as a girl, is it?!

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