Tuesday, March 29, 2011

world of warcraftery

if you're not familiar with the online video game "world of warcraft" you can ignore this post. it will probably mean nothing to you. my husb likes to play it.
i, myself, do not like this game.
it never ends.
it goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and...
you get the point.
on to the convo!

me: husb...wait! did you just start fighting that overgrown bat thing right after i said "husb" knowing that i was about to tell you it was time to get off?!
bryan: no, wifey. clearly, that thing is a gargoyle. and i was already in combat before you said that.
me: ok, well when you finish combatting, can you get off?
bryan: can i finish fighting those other 2 first?
me: yes, if that's the only thing you're going to do. are you sure you don't mean that you're really going to fight those other 2 and then go talk to this guy and then trade this stuff and then send gold to another character and then get on under that character and buy something with the gold you sent and then send that something back to the first character? because that's usually what you mean.
bryan: no, i just need to fight these 2...and then go and talk to the guy i did the quest for, but then i'm really done.
me: i knew it was more than just those 2!

my husb is not as nerdy as this post may make him seem. i just like to tease him about world of warcraft...because it's pretty nerdy.


  1. O yes he is that nerdy!!! But we love him!

  2. I didn't know Bryan played WOW. Oooooh our nerdy husbands and their nerdy RPGs!

  3. Nothing wrong with our Nerdy RPGing husbands. We can't help we like it...it's addicting. My wife gives me that look that says to get off and I'm like "ok love"...then 20 minutes later...she knows how it is...fun isn't it?

  4. hahaha! i didn't know that YOURS did too, deana! and elijah-that's exactly my problem with it! when he says "i'll be off in 5 minutes" he really means "i'll be off in 45 minutes"