Friday, March 25, 2011

helpful husb

when bry got home from work this morning, i got ready and ran to the grocery store. here's the convo we had before i left.

me: can you give baby nate a bath while i'm gone?
bry: uhhh...that's tough to do alone.
me: yes and i do it by myself all the time!
bry: yeah, but i don't wanna...
me: since you're not gonna give the babes a bath, can you grab the trash out of the bathrooms?
bry: ugh! this is getting sooo haaaard!
me: really? quit whiner babying!

when i got home-

bry: go smell your baby's head!
me: you gave him a bath?!!
bry: yep!

he also got the trash AND did the laundry while i was gone. such a helpful husb!

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