Friday, March 25, 2011

Da Very Hongee Cadapidder by Eric Carle (as told by Asher)

this probably isn't very amusing unless you know the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar pretty well, but it was fun watching him turn the pages and "read." (i tried to type it the way it sounded!)
asher: wanna read cadapidder book, mommy.
me: ok.
asher: der's one eggy and one moon. and den POP a cadapidder! and den de sun. and den dat hongee cadapidder need some food. some owanges, and trawberries, and two pears. and some chocate cake, ice cweam, pickle, cheese, sawami,, what's dat, mommy?
me: cherry pie.
asher: yeah, cherwy pie, sausage, cake, and a watermelon! a watermelon, mommy!
me: i see that watermelon!
asher: oh, and den de cadapidder.
*he licks the ice cream cone in the book
me: ew! don't do that!
asher: i wike it ice cweam, mama.
me: let's keep reading.
asher: ok. a cadapidder and a weaf. and den...what's dat?
me: a cocoon.
asher: yep. dat's a cocoon. and den dat cadapdder turn into a budderfwy!!
me: yes! a beautiful butterfly! good job reading, asher!

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