Sunday, March 13, 2011

what i missed

i was in sc for a week without my husb. here's the kind of convos i missed whilst away:

me: mmm. i love this pizza because the crust is so crispy-crunchy.
bry: that's the only thing i don't like about it.
me: ohhhh yummy! it's like eating a cracker pizza!
*i make ridiculous kissy faces and noises at my pizza
bry: ok, you're, like, making out with your pizza...don't lick it! you'll burn your tongue! that stuff is like molten lava until it cools.
*despite his warning, i proceed to lick the pizza
me: ahhhhh! *sputters pieces of lava pizza back onto my plate
bry: i told you...molten.
me: i missed you, husb.
bry: i missed you too.
me: there's just no one as funny as you and no one understands me like you do...
bry: ...and you don't like to aggravate anyone else to death like you do me.
me: yeah! it's just not as fun aggravating the crap out of anyone else! i missed you.
me: i thought you might clean up after yourself a little bit better while i was gone...
bry: i did! kind of...but honestly, it was tough while y'all were away. i just felt like there was no reason to do much of anything without you and the boys.
me: no reason to even wash your dirty pizza pan that you left in the sink...
bry: yeah, but then you came home and i remembered why i do things again...
me: aw, yeah.
bry: ...because my wife is a straight up butts to me if i don't!

hahahaha! i seriously love that husb o' mine. i sure did miss him!

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