Friday, March 4, 2011

heavy metal nator

bryan: me and the nator were listening to skillet and he liked it. he was kind of smiling.
me: oh, cool.
bryan: yeah, and then i put on that new rocketeer song and he didn't like it so much.
me: oh, ok.
bryan: so that means he's probably gonna like heavy metal too! just like his dad!
me: yeah! he's a baby after his daddy's own heart, husb.

i'm gonna miss my silly husb this week. i don't think we've been apart for a whole week since we've been married.

asher will miss his tackle buddy daddy.
and nate will miss his music buddy daddy.
and mama will miss her sweet refuge of a husb.

but we can do it if we can just find our inner strengfff cause we got tiger blood and adonis DNA and we are winning! duh. (that was for you, husb.)

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