Tuesday, March 29, 2011

reverse stinker psychology

me: alright, bud. it's time for bed.
asher: nope!
*he runs off in the exact opposite direction of his bedroom. i go the other way to his bedroom and say very loudly
me: oh! well, hello there, judahbear! you look like you're ready for bed! would you like to read some books with mommy?? you would? ok. how about the caterpillar book? and what about this one with all the animals?
*i hear little toddler feet pitter pattering hurriedly down the hall (have i mentioned that i love that sound?)
me: hey, asher! mommy and judahbear are reading books. would you like to join us?
asher: ok! yes, mommy! asher wanna read books too.
*he climbs into his bed

and that's how ya do it! reverse psychology...stinker style!

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