Wednesday, March 2, 2011

where's mommy?

*i hear asher's door slam
asher: mommy? where you at?
asher: i find mommy!
me: (i hear his sweet,little, socky feet running down the hall to the living room. just so you know, there's nothing more adorable than the sound of my baby's sweet, little, socky feet pattering around the house.)
asher: mommy? where are you, mommy?
me: (i get out of the bed to see what he's up to)
asher: (quietly playing with his trucks in the floor) OH! DER YOU ARE, MOMMY!!

most mornings, i can hear asher coming. he usually slams his bedroom door, comes into our room, and then slams ours. this morning, he woke up a little later than normal so the sun was actually up (usually he is a pre-dawn waker). i think he saw the light coming in through the sliding glass door and assumed i was already awake and in the living room.

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