Friday, March 4, 2011

he's too little to be talking so big

*asher rummaging around in the pantry

asher: oh!! look at dat! awesome!
me: what'd you find?
asher: asher find oranges, mommy!
me: oh, wow!
asher: yeah...oranges...awesome.

isn't the adjective "awesome" reserved for cool dudes over the age of 6?? i just feel like it sounds so old coming out of my baby's mouth. here's another one:

*after i accidentally bump asher
me: oh! i'm sorry, bud.
asher: yeah. dat's cool, mommy. dat's ok.
me: ok, bud.

ok, i KNOW "that's cool" used as an acceptance of apology is reserved for ages 6 and up, right? where did he even learn that? why is this so perplexingly adorable (because it sounds so sweet coming from his little toddler mouth) and heart-wrenchingly tragic (because he's still my baby and he CANNOT grow up yet) at the same time?

he's definitely too little to be talking so big. get outta here with your 6 year old talk, dude.

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