Saturday, March 19, 2011

asher's new game

asher: how bout fall off the bed again, daddy?
bryan: fall off the bed again?!
*bryan rolls off of the bed onto the floor for about the 467th time...i may have helped a little by pushing his booty with my foot...
asher: oh! you ok, daddy? you alright?
bryan: no! i need some help, bud.
asher: ok, daddy!
*asher pulls bryan up by the hands. he makes a really cute grunty noise while he's doing it indicating that he's really working hard to get daddy off of the floor!
bryan: thanks, bud!
asher: you made it, daddy! you're welcome!
me: yaaaay! you saved daddy!
*we all clap & cheer
bryan: isn't it mama's turn to fall off of the bed?
asher: yeah!

thanks, husb. thanks a lot.

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