Monday, March 14, 2011

sc recap

as previously stated, the baby boys and i went to greer, sc for a week to visit family. here are a few of my favorite things from that trip...

-Bucky's BBQ
yummmm...if you live in the greater greenville area then do yourself a favor and chow down on some Bucky's. i'm warning you though, once you try it you'll never want to eat BBQ from any other place ever. it's that good.

-The Chocolate Shoppe
yummmm again. the best cookies ever. AND they always have their chocolate chip cookies BOGO. go here and indulge. it's so worth it.

-Papa and Asher time
since sweet baby nate was born, asher hasn't gotten to spend a lot of time playing outside. he and i used to go for walks almost everyday together, but that got a little harder to do with an infant. papa and gangee have a wonderfully big yard complete with a turtle shaped sandbox and a jungle gym with swings and a slide. it's like a toddler dream world. and thankfully, papa was more than willing to spend several hours a day outside chasing asher all around the world and back. it was lovely.
-Gangee and Nate time
while papa was loving having his asher around to play with, gangee was loving snuggling with the little buddy. it was nice to be able to rest and know that both my boys were in good, loving hands. gangee also spent some good time with asher. he made her jump a lot. hehe.
-GG rocks
literally, she rocks. my grandma (the boys' GG) rocks some babies to sleep like no other. she's got that special grandma touch and babies instantly snuggle up and fall asleep in her arms. asher got to experience her magical powers on an almost daily basis when he was an infant. little nate got to get a taste this past week.
this is owen, but i just wanted to show you the magic in action!

-Churl and Stachi time
stachi accompanied me to the outlets one day AND she let me tag along to hang out with her and her friends. good, good times. churl introduced me to some awesome music and let me borrow a sewing machine. plus both of them are hilarious and they both love my babies a lot. 
i got to meet my sweet nephewbaby for the very first time ever! he was born the day after nate and i've been dying to get my hands on him ever since. don't let his adorable pictures fool you, somehow he's even cuter in person! i'm not sure how it's possible, but it is. it was so good hang out with amber and marcus too, but baby owen takes the cake! i've decided he shall call me Auntie LuLu.

seein' double budddddddiiiiiiieeeeeeessssss!
i love life here in wake forest, but i sho' do miss that sweet family o' mine!


  1. nate-baby is thumbsin up his owen cousin-buddy!! YAY!

    love this! you have such an awesome family! And ps. cute shirt ;)

    love to you!

  2. I am so glad you had a good time. it is great to spend time with family