Sunday, April 24, 2011

and some 'nother Jesus

me: did you make this cross today at church, asher?
yeah, i make a cwoss.
me: what's on here? (he got to put different stickers on the cross)
asher: der's a camel and some twees and der's Jesus...and some 'nother Jesus. 

i think the nother Jesus is supposed to be a disciple, but he has a beard and brown hair too so i can see where it could get confusing. let me just clarify that the sticker of Jesus is Him in a white robe and shining in all His resurrected glory. it's not one of Him actually hanging on the cross. i'm not sure why there's trees and a camel. i guess because those are Bible things too? apparently the stinker got a little too rough with the camel because he's missing a leg. 
Later we were talking about what he learned in church...

me: did you learn about Jesus at church today?
asher: yep
me: and the cross?
asher: yes, and the cwoss.
me: and how Jesus died on the cross, but then God brought Him back to life so He's not dead anymore!
asher: yep. now he's not in bed anymore. 

it's fun talking about the Resurrection with a 2 year old. 

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