Wednesday, April 6, 2011

sweet boy

we went to the playground today to play with some friends. baby nate and i sat down at a picnic table beside the playground and watched asher play. here's a convo i overheard between him and an older girl.

asher: hey, wittle gurl. see dat ober der? dat's my mama standing ober der. you see her?
little girl: *stares at asher. then at me. then back at asher.
asher: hey, mama!!
*he waves his hand at me and smiles really big.
asher: dat's my mama!
*asher runs off to play some more. the little girl gives him a "who cares, kid?" kind of look.

i'm so proud that he's so proud to show off his mommy...even if the other kids give him strange looks.

he may be the stinkiest stinkin' stinker there is, but he's also positively heart melting.

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