Thursday, May 5, 2011

the breakfast of...well,probably not champions

since today is our sweet 4 yr marital anniversary, i convinced my sweet husb of four years that we needed krispy kreme doughnuts to celebrate such an occasion. here's how it went down with asher-

bry: asher, do you want a doughnut??
asher: no, daddy! i can't want a nonut.

these days, negation is asher's initial reaction to everything. he says no before he even has time to think through what you've said. it only took him a second to remember what doughnuts were.

asher: oh, nonuts! yes, daddy! chuuuure! i can eat a nonut!
*he runs off to the kitchen, sees the box on the counter, puts his face as close to the box as possible and says in a deep, trance-like voice
asher: noooooonnuuuuuutttttsss...

does it totally make me a 6th grade boy if i giggle because my son says nonuts instead of doughnuts?

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  1. I am giggling with you. We can be 6th grade boys together! Happy anniversary!