Thursday, May 5, 2011

cookie {dough} monster

bry: elise! why did you only bake 3 of these cookies?
me: *i look at him out of the corner of my eye and grin
bry: or did you just eat 3 of these cookie dough squares?
me: *i raise my eyebrows and give him my most why-would-you-even-suggest-a-thing-like-that face
bry: you did. you just ate the cookie dough. i can't believe you.
me: i was going to try to figure out a way to hide it because i knew you were going to fuss at me.
bry: wifey, seriously? you're going to get salmonella and we're going to be paying out the butt in hospital bills and we're not going to be able to live because you won't stop eating cookie dough.
* he pauses and shakes his head
bry: it only takes a few minutes to bake them. why didn't you just stick them in the oven?
me: because they're not as delicious that way.
bry: yeah, but...
me: it's an addiction!!!!

later i decided to just bake the cookies so as to not be tempted by their gooey,scrumptious,doughy form. bryan comes in as i'm putting them in the oven.

bry: what are you doing?
me: i'm baking those cookies so i won't eat anymore dough.
bry: just be honest with me. did you eat another while you were fixing them?
me: maybe...but only because they didn't all fit on the tray! i didn't want to have to bake one cookie all by itself.
bry: you're ridiculous.

it is an addiction when you have a compulsory need to partake in something that's not good for you and then you consider hiding it from your disapproving husb and you make excuses to continue partaking, right?

maybe i should join CDEA...cookie dough eating they have those?

maybe i should start CDEA. who's with me?


CDEAers unite! salmonella free, baby:

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