Monday, January 23, 2012


bry: hurry, tot! take cover from the germans!
*he picks nate up and puts him in between us.
me: yeah! get in your foxhole, sir!
bry: you can be like lieutenant speirs and jump through a mortar round and then race through enemy gunfire so that you can jump a wall to meet up with the other company only to run back through the same enemy fire so that you can get back to easy company!
me: yeah! you're so brave, lieutenant!
*bry starts to tickle nate
bry: yep. you're the baddest, scariest most son of a gun in the whole army...with you're 3 little teethies shining and your adorable baby giggles.

bry and i read Beyond Band of Brothers: The Memoirs of Captain Dick Winters a few weeks ago. them we used some christmas money and went out and bought the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers. we finished the 10 episodes in a little over a week. we're hoping to find time to watch the hour and half documentary tonight.

we've become a little obsessed. i usually don't enjoy war movies and such, but the stories of those men are so heroic, so beyond the limits that it's hard not to be mesmerized with their histories and in awe of their sacrifices. our little t.v. trip to normandy and back has certainly inspired gratitude for those soldiers.

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